Viber for LiveChat


Before you begin, you should install Viber integration on LiveChat Marketplace

To connect LiveChat with Viber, you have to create a dedicated Viber Chatbot account for your business. Private Viber account can't be connected to LiveChat due to technical limitation.

To create Viber Chatbot account, go to and fill out the form. When Viber Bot account is created, you need to copy private Token and paste on the

To test your Viber Chatbot account, scan QR code on using your mobile phone and start the chat. The chat should appear in your LiveChat Platform.

Link to Viber Chatbot

To direct user directly to your Viber Chatbot account, you can use deep links. To create your deep link, use following schema viber://pa?chatURI=<URI> and replace <URI> with your Viber Chatbot URI. You can take your URI on

Here you can find more detail about deep linking and Viber.

Add badge on your website

To add link to your Viber Chatbot on your website or mobile app, you can use official Viber Badge. The recent version of badge can be downloaded here.


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